About Eduardo Fujii

Eduardo Fujii, fine art photographer

Eduardo Fujii is a self-taught fine art photographer living and working on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula in California. Early in his life, his parents introduced him to the arts and he fell in love with classical music and painting.  Busy college life though distracted him from his artistic path until about twelve years ago when he chose photography to express himself as an artist. His photography offers hints of the influence music and painting had and continue to have on his artistic style. His images have an unquestionable painterly look and are full of mystery and lyricism.

He has been developing his style through a process of self-discovery and always leaves part of himself in each one of his images. Eduardo truly believes that every photograph is a self-portrait.


Gallery exhibitions

Awards and Publications


viewbug photo contests London International Creative Competition 2021 Official Selection: Eduardo FujiiEduardo Fujii awarded two Honorable Mentions at the 9th Monochrome Photography AwardsTokyo Photo Awards 2021 Bronze WinnerPX3 Pris de la Photographie Honorable Mention award for Eduardo FujiiEduardo Fujii Nominee in Fine Art at 6th Fine Art Photography AwardsEduardo Fujii 2nd Place Winner - Monochrome Photography AwardsMonochrome Awards recognizes two images by Eduardo Fujii10th International Color Awards Honorable Mention to Photographer Eduardo FujiiInternational Color Awards winner badgePX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris winner badgeBlack and White Spider Nominee Award for Eduardo Fujii


Artist-author Mark Baer interviews Eduardo Fujii for Your Town television program (August 30, 2017)


Eduardo Fujii invited to be a panelist on West Coast Focus TV program hosted by Steve Zmak (May 5, 2017)


Interview shot on location at the Museum of Monterey