West Coast Focus: Jerry Uelsmann's Influence and Post Visualization

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West Coast Focus - E10 - Jerry Uelsmann's Influence & Post Visualization from Steve Zmak on Vimeo.


Fine art photographer Eduardo Fujii was a panelist on episode 10 of the West Coast Focus show along with photographers Craig Lovell and Mary Aiu. Hosted by photographer Steve Zmak, the show originally aired Thursday, May 11, 2017, in Monterey County on ATT Ch. 99, and Comcast Ch. 27 and is now streaming internationally on AMPMedia.org AMP 2.

Notwithstanding being a darkroom photographer, Jerry Uelsmann has been a great source of inspiration for many digital artists. Panelists discussed what influence, if any, Jerry's magical imagery had on their own work. 

West Coast Focus is a nonprofit benefit to the community. Each show is sponsored by members of the Monterey County and greater photography community, and produced by Access Monterey Peninsula. For more information, contact Steve@SteveZmak.com.

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