Center for Photographic Art hosts an evening with Eduardo Fujii

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The Red Boat by fine art photographer Eduardo Fujii

On March 16, the Center for Photographic Art (CPA) hosted a members-only evening with local fine art photographer Eduardo Fujii. Talking to an audience of collectors, art lovers, and photographers of all levels, Eduardo deconstructed some of his most lyrical images and shared a few insights on how he transforms regular photos into Renaissance masterpieces.

CPA describes Eduardo Fujii as a photographer "known for his seamless use of subtle digital textural layering that adds a depth and richness to his carefully chosen subjects. Similar to the sfumato technique (multiple translucent layers) used by the Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci, Eduardo confidently applies multiple thin color and textural layers to achieve his signature effects."


Eduardo Fijii demonstrating tip and techniques with Photoshop.
Eduardo Fujii teaching CPA members Photoshop mastery.

Located in Carmel, California, CPA has its roots in Friends of Photography, a group launched in 1967 by iconic artists Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock and Brett Weston and has since honored the history of the renowned school of West Coast fine art photography. CPA is the second oldest members’ photography gallery organization in the country promoting artistic development, building well-informed audiences, stimulating dialogue, and encouraging inquiry about photography and related media through education, exhibitions, publications, lectures, fellowship programs, and community collaboration.

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Event photographs © CPA


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