My Frame of Mind at Lexington Reservoir

Lexington Reservoir

UPDATE: In 2024, the exhibition moved to the Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel, CA from January 12 to February 17, 2024. 

As I gazed upon the serene expanse of the Lexington reservoir, my heart danced to the rhythm of nature's brushstrokes. The way the curvy contours of the land cradled the lake looked like a tender embrace, a dance of intimacy between earth and water. A solitary tree stood as a silent sentinel, its crown mirrored flawlessly on the glassy surface. The scene made me pause and reflect on my most inner feelings.

In that fleeting moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of tranquility, a whisper of timelessness that carried me beyond the confines of the present moment. The gentle play of light and shadow across the landscape painted a portrait of serenity, inviting me to capture not just an image, but an emotion. Through my lens, I sought to immortalize the delicate balance of nature's elements and the quiet symphony they orchestrated.

Every click of the shutter was a communion with the scene's inherent beauty that hopefully would have the power to evoke a contemplative pause in the hearts of those who would later gaze upon my photograph. This was more than a mere snapshot; it was a visual ode to the profound connection between the earth, the water, and the solitary tree—a reflection of both the world outside and the emotions within.

The work is will be on display at the Harvey Milk Center in San Francisco from November 4 to December 2, 2023. The Frame of Mind exhibition was curated by Ann Jastrab, Executive Director, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California and Brian Taylor, artist, photographer, historian and Professor Emeritus, San Jose State University. Each work is accompanied by a statement in which photographers express their inner feelings when initially creating the image and during development or post-processing that resulted in the final work of art.

All artists in this exhibition are members of the Image Makers of Monterey, a local group of photographers brought together for the past 26 years by their love and passion for photography. The goal of the ImageMakers is to ensure that photography, as a vital art form, will continue and thrive on the Monterey Peninsula. Other artists in the exhibition include: Debra Achen, Mary Aiu, James Atherton, Richard Cannon, Ginger Chih, David Clarkson, Matt Connors, Rita Costa-Hollmann, Annelies De Kater, Dixie M. Dixon, Eduardo Fujii, David J. Gubernick, Tom Hierl, Oliver Klink, Gary Lopez, Craig Lovell, Jeanne Marino, James Mickelson, Carolyn Moore, Rick Murai, Chester Ng, Robert Nielsen, Kevin Osborn, Mark Overgaard, Peter Paluzzi, Kenneth Parker, Maria Prince, Robin Robinson, Bob Sadler, Dennis Segers, Brian Taylor, Jacqui Turner, Greg Weeks, Gary Wilson, Steve Zmak, and In Memorium: Richard Garrod, William Giles, and Jack Wasserbach.

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