Night Visions in Maki-e Style

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No artist tolerates reality - Friedrich Nietzsche

Night Visions #1 by Eduardo Fujii

My new body of work Night Visions explores the imaginations of a meditative mind. It is a visual collage of new ideas and techniques that attempts to take viewers on a tour of imaginary realities. For this work, I am trying something I've never tried before. I am experimenting with Maki-e, a Japanese decorative technique that has been around for over a thousand years.  Although I have a Japanese last name, I was raised by the other side of the family and my fascination with this ancient technique came about much later in life primarily due to my love for calligraphy and fountain pens.

Image progression

The image was initially captured on my iPhone at the Lone Cypress Point located off the 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, California. 


Using Snapseed on my iPhone, I converted it to B&W, added a backlight effect to highlight the tree, and added a strong vignette to eliminate the details on the foreground.

The next step was to overlay the image with various botanical shots and apply some coloring.

The final step was to print the image and sprinkle the surface with gold glitter with a brush.

Night Visions #1 will be on display at the ImageMakers: Celebrating 25 Years exhibition at the Pacific Grove Art Center from September 2 through October 27, 2022. 

About The Pacific Grove Art Center
The purpose of the Pacific Grove Art Center is to cultivate the arts within the Monterey area by providing creative experiences that inspire and engage us, touch our hearts, challenge our minds and enrich our lives.

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About The ImageMakers

The ImageMakers is a diverse group of professional and amateur fine art photographers located in Monterey, California. Founded by Dick Garrod, one of  Ansel Adams' student, It has its origins in the best of the West Coast tradition. the group grew and evolved to include new and emerging approaches to photography.

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